Alyne Ellis

National Radio Host, Producer, Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Documentarian, Voice-Over Artist, Teacher, and Curriculum Writer

Angel Livas - Executive Producer, AARP Radio

Alyne is one of my most diligent hosts; and her work truly reflects it. She writes over 20 engaging, original and informative scripts a month and never complains about her workload or falling short of compelling topics to cover. Alyne, is also one of the best writers I have ever worked with. Her fun and vivacious approach to tackling difficult conversations makes listening to her work enjoyable and easy to digest. Not to mention she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth Stawicki - Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio

Johanna Cooper - Producer of radio documentary, NPR Horizons

Jon Kalish - Long time freelancer for NPR

Brian Bull - Reporter/Producer, Ideastream, Northeast Public Radio

Jon Beaupre - Freelance producer - radio and TV

Aileen Le Blanc - News Director, KMUW