Alyne Ellis

National Radio Host, Producer, Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Documentarian, Voice-Over Artist, Teacher, and Curriculum Writer

Alyne hosted, wrote, and produced AARP’s national radio show Prime Time Focus for over eight years. On staff at NPR as an editor, producer, and trainer, she brought in reporter pieces for many shows including All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Documentary work includes NPR’s Daniel Schorr hosted by Robert Siegel, AARP’s award-winning series on Alzheimer’s, several Soundprints, and two winners of the Robert F Kennedy Award. Other projects include an audio walking guide to DC, audio for DC’s City Museum, and a major series on disability issues distributed to parents and school systems. She is the co-author of a four-year series of lesson plans on radio for high schools distributed by RTNDF and funded by the Knight Foundation.

Feel free to contact Alyne by email or phone at (202) 320-3275. You are also welcome to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Voiceover demo:

Prime Time Focus: “The Midlife Crisis Car”

Prime Time Focus: “A Stroke Game Changer”

Sample script of a 45 minute radio documentary Alyne wrote and co-produced for AARP Radio. It aired in September, 2014; the topic is seniors and hunger: Alyne Ellis – Hunger Script [PDF 180kb]