Alyne Ellis

National Radio Host, Producer, Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Documentarian, Voice-Over Artist, Teacher, and Curriculum Writer

Alyne has produced a number of national documentaries on learning disabilities that have aired on public radio and done a significant amount of audio work for a government funded agency that helps people with disabilities find resources.

Helping Students with Cognitive Disabilities Find and Keep a Job

Alyne produced this program of portraits of families facing these challenges and the possible solutions they came up with. Below are two of the portraits from the hour long program.

Joe's Story:

Rob's Story:

Relish Is For More Than Hot Dogs: A Student's Guide to Making Your Own Sweet Success

On Relish is for More than Hot Dogs: A Student’s Guide to Making Your Own Sweet Success, young people, each of whom happens to have a disability, share their real life stories about what it takes to “relish” or really enjoy life. Parents, educators, and other professionals also share their insights.

Listen here:

The Enabled Classroom (Produced by Alyne Ellis)

How can technology help students with learning disabilities? From academics and hardware manufacturers to teachers in the field, hear about the technological advances for teaching everyone from elementary to university students grappling with learning disabilities, deafness, blindness, motor problems and speech disorders. Producer Alyne Ellis delves into the advantages, controversies and problems of these merging technologies.

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After Graduation: Meeting Special Needs (Produced by Alyne Ellis)

Many learning disabled students are finding that they learn more readily with a variety of technology assistance and human support in their classrooms. But what happens once they leave school? Whether moving into the workforce, or on to higher education, most high school graduates discover they must adjust to new environments on their own and learn to advocate for themselves. Alyne Ellis takes a look at how some schools and universities are trying to ease the transition of learning disabled students to a life after graduation. This program is part of our ongoing series on education and technology and is funded in part by the United States Department of Education.

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A Student's Guide to the IEP

This material was created by NICHY to accompany Alyne's audio component. The PDF Guide is available upon request.